Information & Acknowledgements

Ajanta is 106 kms from Aurangabad and is definetly a high point for any visit to Aurangabad. If you really want to enjoy the 30 caves at your pace & keep clicking, go on your own and arrive as early as possible. The entrance opens at 7 a.m. (when you can avoid the rush) and closes at 5.30 a.m. See Blog on Aurangabad listed above for more details on how to get there.
Still Photography is permitted. However, use of flash or video photography is strictly prohibited within the caves and rightly so. One may take video clips of the exterior of the caves.
The World Heritage series guide on Ajanta published by Archeological Survey of India is a useful and handy publication which gives you good information about each of the caves and what to focus upon. It is available at the ticket office and costs Rs.99/-.
We greatly appreciate the excellent efforts of the Archeological Survey of India in restoration and maintenence of this national treasure as well as the useful guide books publised by them. A visit to this site should be for admiring and really absorbing the extraordinarily beautiful art of our ancient craftsmen.

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